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Amazing! New Car Technology Can Stop Drunken Drivers!

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Nowadays, many accidents are happening because of the alcohol consumption of the driver or the person who is driving the vehicle. Thus Drunk driving is a major reason for accidents in almost all countries all over the world. Alcohol Detector in Car project is designed for the safety of the people seating inside the car. An alcohol breath analyzer project should be fitted/installed inside the vehicle.

If you?re drunk, your car may soon be able to stop you from driving. Alcohol detection system - a new generation of technology is taking shape around systems that prevent cars from operating if the driver is drunk.

Researchers are developing with two cutting-edge approaches:

?Breath . A system measures blood alcohol levels from a driver?s breath. The levels would be detected from sensors mounted in front of the driver. But the driver wouldn?t even need to be aware they are being monitored.

?Touch . This method would screen for alcohol when the driver touches the start button or another designated surface in the car. Alcohol levels would be measured under the skin?s surface on a touch-pad with an infrared light scanner.

How does it work?

This system is one of the important Sensor-based.

The main unit of this project is an ?Alcohol sensor?. If the person inside car has consumed alcohol then it is alcohol detection is done by the sensor.

The sensor gives this signal to a comparator IC.

The output of comparator is connected to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is the heart of this project. It is the CPU of the complete circuit. Microcontroller gives high pulse to the buzzer circuit and the buzzer is turned on. At the same time a relay is turned off. Due to this the ignition of the car is deactivated.

Applications and Advantages:

?Alcohol Detector ? can be used in various vehicles for detecting whether the driver has consumed alcohol or not.

Breathing analyzer projects can also be used in various companies or organizations to detect the alcohol consumption of employees. An alcohol detection system in an automobile is a must feature which every cab or bus should have.

?Alcohol Detection System in Cars? provides an automatic safety system for cars and other vehicles as well.

Future Development of the project:

We can implement GSM technology with an alcohol detector. So Alcohol detection & vehicle controlling through text SMS will inform the relatives or owners of the vehicle about the alcohol consumption.

We can implement GPS technology so that once alcohol detection is done, the system will find out the location of the vehicle.


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