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Auto-Breaking System IOT (Internet Of Things): A REVOLUTION IN THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY?Find Out!

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Most road accidents take place because of the driver being distracted or drunk. But sometimes even when he/she sees the obstacle on the road, it is too late to react or the person suffers a brain freeze, which results in an accident. So to avoid this, the project has designed a model in which cars have IOT built in their system. Now what is IOT? To put it in simple words, IOT is a network of multiple devices that share a common data base and communicate through wires or portable means like Wi-Fi or GPS. IOT can be used in the auto mobile industry as it fulfills the purpose of a sensor installed in a vehicle that automatically applies breaks if there is a barrier too close to the vehicle. In this way accidents can be avoided. IOT can also help in providing a mode of communication between all the vehicles present in the same radius. Now we can also feed in data like setting speed limits so as to avoid rash driving. The system can either work through Wi-Fi, GPS or other similar communicating systems.


The term ?automotive IoT? refers to embedding IoT technologies into automotive systems to create new applications and solutions which can make vehicles smarter and more intelligent, facilitating safe, efficient and comfortable driving.

IOT technologies are used in the automotive sector to create innovative and advanced solutions, including connected car solutions, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), in-vehicle infotainment systems, navigation & telematics solutions, predictive maintenance solutions, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) applications, Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) applications, and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communication applications.

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) is an umbrella term used for various types of active safety systems in vehicles which allow drivers to take timely control of the vehicle by alerting them of potential hazards on the road. ADAS systems scan the surroundings of the vehicle using vision, RADAR and LIDAR-based in-vehicle systems and provide assistance to the driver for a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Some key ADAS features include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure Warning Systems, Collision Warning Systems, Blind Spot Detection Systems, Night Vision Systems, and Parking Assistance Systems.


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