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Automatic Glucose Dispenser: A device that saves time and cares for patients!

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In the hospital, the Glucose saline which is given to the patient a lot of takes time to get finished. And therefore nurses have to come again and again to check if the saline bottle is empty or not. This wastes not only time but also the energy of the nurse. And if the number of patients is more the nurses have to work more. It gets difficult for some hospitals which have fewer nurses.

Thus to save the time of nurses a new technology named ?Automatic Glucose Dispenser? has been introduced. Which is simple and time-saving. It basically works on transmission and receiving waves wirelessly. The setup of the transmitter is set up in the room of the patient and the receiver?s setup in the nurse?s room.

How does it work?

This mechanism requires a spring balance, RF module transmitter, Receiver, LED display, alarm, Batteries, and wires.

The glucose bottle is hanged to a spring balance which contains a wire which is connected to the RF module. This wire is connected to the upper end of the spring balance. When a filled bottle of glucose is hanged to the spring balance it remains down due to its weight. But eventually, when the bottle starts draining glucose it?s weight starts declining. Which moves the spring balance upward. When the spring reaches the wire and touches it the RF module gets activated and produces a signal of the wave which is transmitted. This signal is received by the receiver notifying nurses with alarm that a particular bottle of glucose is empty. As this receiver is attached to the alarm and LED display it displays the name of the bottle which has been emptied. This gives the nurse proper information.


? This technology saves time and energy of a nurse.

? It indicates an alarm at the perfect timing when the bottle is empty.

A career in relevant field

There are carrier opportunities in fields related to Physics for students who are working on these kinds of projects. And they can aim for mechanical engineering too.

You can take up the degree of Electronics Engineering from any AICTE or UGC approved educational institute that offers this program. Electronic engineers typically do the following:

Design electronic components, software, products, or systems They Analyze customer needs and determine the requirements, capacity, and cost for developing that component, software, product, or system Develop, maintain and test component, software, product, or system Inspect component, software, product, or system to make sure they meet safety standards and applicable regulations, etc

Research Done To Promote Automatic Glucose Dispenser:

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