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Automatic toll booth: Collection System Is Here Gives Freedom From Corruption?Check It Out!

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Problem Statement:

Current toll systems involve toll deduction through manual data entry and fees collection. This has certain disadvantages that cannot be overlooked.

  • The number of cars is increasing, each user waiting to pay money on busy tolls can be problematic
  • People have to be employed to manually get the task done
  • Some people drive through tolls without paying money or by paying less money to the toll officer

What is the Automatic toll tax collection system?

The electronic toll tax collection system allows the vehicle drivers to pass the toll tax booths by swiping their RFID tags on a swipe machine without stopping at the toll booths. The toll amount is deducted from the RFID card. This RFID card is rechargeable and the account is stored in the records.

No driver can skip the swiping RFID cards since such a felony will lead to a capturing of the number plate on the toll camera sensors. Each RFID is connected to the number plate and online account. The penalty of non-payment of toll and the original toll amount is deducted immediately on the online account.

Benefits of such technology:

  • Zero-traffic on tolls
  • 100% tax collection
  • Zero corruption
  • Zero cash transactions, only digital money
  • No human intervention

Mechanism of Automatic toll tax collection system:

1. Sensor: Low-cost infrared receiver is used to detect that if the vehicle has passed away from the electronic toll collection plaza.

2. Transmitter: Infra-Red transmitters used for the vehicle are received by the sensor

3. Microcontroller: This is the CPU of the Automatic toll tax collection system. It reads the RFID card number from the RFID reader and sends this data to the IoT application

Live projects that use RFID based Automatic toll tax collection system:

The Golden Quadrilateral that connects Delhi-Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkata has all RFID tag-based tolls where frequent travelers can swipe their RFID tags to check in and check out.

Research on RFID based Automatic toll tax collection system:

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