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Be The Change: Biodegradable Waste Management, Remembering The 3 R?s!

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There are few things certain in life one is death, second changes and that other is waste.? No one can stop these things to take place in our lives. But with better management, we can prepare ourselves.

Let Us Talk About It:

Each of us has a right to clean air, water, and food. This right can be fulfilled by maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

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Classification of Waste :

There are different types of waste Like Factory waste, Domestic waste, Waste from oil factory, E-waste, Construction waste, Food processing waste, Bio-medical waste, Agricultural waste Nuclear waste, Slaughterhouse waste, etc. It can divided like :

? Solid waste- household waste, kitchen waste, vegetable waste.

? E-waste- TV, music systems, discarded electronic devices.

? Liquid wastewater used for different industries, tanneries, distilleries

? Plastic waste- plastic bags, bottles, buckets.

? Metal waste- unused metal sheet, metal scraps.

this can divide in this all.. and there are many things or parts in which it divides.

We have Different ways of Recycling & Reducing Non-Biodegradable Waste

* Parking Care: when you take food from market then take a cotton bag or take bio use bags or we can use paper bags.

* Use mostly Cloth Items: when we are taking anything from anywhere then try to take cotton bags or use cloth Items. like this there are many solutions for plastic waste. basically biodegradable means capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.

Examples of Biodegradable materials often referred to as bio-waste Human and animal waste. Plant products,wood, paper, food waste, leaves, grass clippings, natural products. Remains from the death of living creatures. in biodegradable means A biodegradable material can be defined as a material that can be decomposed by bacteria or other natural organisms and not be adding to pollution. Biodegradable waste is a type of waste, originating from plant or animal sources, which may be degraded by other living organisms. Biodegradable waste can be commonly found in municipal solid waste as green waste, food waste, paper waste, and biodegradable plastics. Other biodegradable wastes include human waste, manure, sewage, slaughterhouse waste.

Research Institute For Reducing Biodegradable Waste:

C.P.R Environmental Education Centre

IIT Mandi


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