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Coconut Tree Climber: Let's Find Out An Advanced Way To Pluck Coconut Trees!

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We all have seen people climbing on trees to pluck coconuts and finding it difficult to even climb as it strains the climbers. Coconut is the most extensively grown nut in the world. It provides people their basic needs such as food, drink, shelter, fuel, furniture, medicine, decorative materials and much more. They are a necessity and a luxury. It is the "heavenly tree", "tree of life", "tree of abundance" and "nature's supermarket."

The first major reason for the declining coconut production is the unavailability of sufficient coconut tree climbers. The traditional coconut harvesting communities gradually give up this job as it is done without proper safety measures which can lead to serious injuries.

Coconut Tree climbers are a rarity these days in Goa and other coconut growing states of India like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, with very few taking on the traditional profession. However, coconut climbers are a very vital link in the production chain. The consistent supply of raw nuts for the market as well as for the processing sector can be ensured only by strict adherence to the regular harvesting schedule. In many areas, farmers are forced to seek help from migrant labourers, who charge exorbitant amounts, despite not being familiar with the art of coconut climbing. The scarcity of labour disrupts harvesting cycle thus causing loss of income to the growers.


Robo Tree Climber is a machine by which climbing on coconut tree is possible without human efforts. Now- a-days most of the human activities are either replaced by machines or any other kind of equipment. Climbing on the coconut tree is prone to accidents and can prove hazardous to health. Therefore, Robo Tree Climber, also known as ?Treebo,? has been introduced to make life easy for the locals who find it difficult to grip the coconut tree.

The Robo-climber is designed in such a way that it reduces the manual work of the skilled labourers as the mechanism climbs up the tree, plucks the coconut and comes down automatically. It is inexpensive and consumes less electricity. The Robo-climbers are supplied to many remote areas in India.

As coconut tree climbing is a tedious job robots can play a very good role in finding a permanent solution.

As coconut tree climbing is a tedious job robots can play a very good role in finding a permanent solution.

Robo-Climber is a permanent solution to cut down the tedious routine faced by the local villagers. It is safe to handle and light weighted.


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