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Dispose your waste smartly, Sensor based automated waste segregator dustbin

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In recent decade, urbanization has increased tremendously and at the same phase there is an increase in waste production. Segregation of waste is the first and most important step in waste management and environment preservation.

Lack of segregation is the root cause of clogged landfills. Blocked drains , soil and water pollution.

To reduce the effort required to segregate the waste , many cities and airports have employed bins with different partitions for different types of waste. It has, however, failed to work, since users do not take the effort to dispose of the waste correctly


Technology always help mankind in making life easier. Now presenting waste segregator dustbin ,an innovative way which revolutionize the trash management system through this we are taking a step towards clean India

Waste segregator dustbin

The waste segregator as the name suggests, segregates the waste into three major classes: dry, wet, metallic.

The permanent magnets placed within the metallic bin further sorts ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Waste is pushed through a flap into the proposed system. The inlet section is provided with open and close mechanism to regulate the flow of waste on to the conveyor. Metal detecting sensor is used to detect the metallic waste. The signal from the sensor initiates the push mechanism to discard the metallic waste

Trash managment system is a step forward to make the manual collection and detection of wastes automated in nature


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