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Eco-friendly Mosquito Repellant Incense Stick: The Zero Cost Mosquito Repellant! Check It Out?

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Mosquitoes are inevitable in any part of India, especially the places closer to farms, trees, grass, lakes, etc. If you are camping or residing in a place where mosquitoes are bothering you, use an eco-friendly agarbatti that consists of a composition of organic ingredients that repel mosquitoes. It is so easy that you can make it at home!

Step one: Dry Tamarind seeds and grind them into a fine powder that looks pale brown in color. Tamarind being acidic in nature, it aims at repelling any insects. This powder is sticky since tamarind seeds naturally consist of moisture.

Step two: Crush dry Neem leaves and grind them into a powder that looks pale green in color. Neem is a base that balances with the Tamarind?s acidic nature.

Step three: A whole charcoal block should be crushed and create a fine black powder. This helps the agarbatti to catch fire and burn slowly.

Step four: Dry cow dung coil should be crushed to a powder. This powder adds a smoke effect to the mosquito repellant composition.

Step five: Take a fine bamboo stick and dip it in tamarind paste followed by neem charcoal and cow dung. The sticky tamarind powder catches hold to the other powders and your agarbatti is ready. You can add essential oils for any fragrance to it.

Advantages of this Agarbatti:

  • This agarbatti is made of all organic materials
  • It helps repel other insects that can create a safe surrounding
  • People do not have to inhale harmful chemicals
  • It doesn't need electrical devices
  • Cow dung and charcoal does not add to polluting smoke
  • All materials are available in even the rural areas of India
  • These are a zero cost mosquito repellant sticks

Indian Manufacturers That Sell Such Type Of Sticks:

Good Knight Naturals Neem Agarbatti Mosquito Repellant Agarbatti Herbal Strategy Mo stick Mosquito Repellant Agarbatti The Aroma Factory Mosquito Out Citronella Incense Sticks Mosquito Repellant Agarbatti


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