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Geometry Kit for Special Students? Find Out!

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What is Geometry?

Geometry is one of the most important subjects in mathematics. When you take geometry in school, you are developing spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. Geometry is linked to many other topics in math, specifically measurement. The subject of geometry helps us study the concept of space, mainly its properties and concepts such as points, lines, shapes and lengths etc. The use of numbers to study and understand points, make it possible to understand more complicated objects, their shapes and properties. Further advanced concepts such as metric, curvature and topology are understood. This helps people construct and think about abstract and more interesting spaces. Hence geometry becomes a fundamental way of thinking that helps us to effectively understand properties of an object or a structure. The idea of the notion of a space changed a lot and took several transformations. For instance, understanding the symmetries of a space and several classes of functions (bundles, sheaves) associated has become the most important aspect of geometry.

Also, abstract structures defined purely algebraically tend to have some local and global aspects which hint at the geometry involved. There are some intrinsic "geometric" properties that do not depend on the coordinates, fields, representations of the objects at hand. Geometry helps us to identify this equivalence of different representations and provides a more conceptual explanation to mysterious relations.

The study of geometry requires the use of complex instruments that require the use of both hands. Handicap students are often deprived of the usage of geometric instruments. Hence this geometric kit has been designed which helps physically challenged students. Physically challenged students can now understand and study geometry by making use of this kit. This model makes the subject of geometry inclusive to all special needs students. Special needs students have been disadvantaged towards the same and now can effectively learn the subject of geometry.

This model must be made available in all special needs school so as to effectively teach the subject to physically challenged students for better learning and understanding.


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