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Here?s How One Man?s Dream Revolutionized Farming!

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Mansukhbhai Jagani

Innovation in agriculture can open avenues for sustainable farming while tackling poverty and feeding the vast population. As per estimation, by 2050 there will be over nine billion people on the planet which is two million more than the current population. To meet global demands, food production will have to increase. The tools that support innovation in farming are being researched and put in place. Science and technology have come to the rescue. STEM is essential in agriculture. Farmers rely heavily on the principles of Biology to grow plants with the latest techniques. Scientists have been studying plant diseases and pests to create innovations that protect the crops.

Agricultural Technology

Can you imagine a life without agriculture? The thought of it seems impossible. This is precisely why agriculture has gotten the attention of scientists. The global financial crisis has weakened the advancement and sustainability of current growth models. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy, and advanced technology interventions are not just a want but a need.

While technological advancement knows no heights, the small landholdings and small scale farmers may not be able to afford the latest technology. Though the intervention of scientists can guarantee better technology, these come at a hefty cost which most farmers can?t afford. For small scale farming, farmers need easy to operate machinery which occupies less space as compared to tractors.

Affordable technology

Keeping these needs in mind, Mansukhbhai Ambabhai Jagani from Amreli, Gujarat, has come up with a solution. With a multipurpose toolbar and a motorcycle, he has built a farming motorcycle. With the eagerness to bring about a change, Mansukhbhai has a new innovative farming method. He has replaced the back wheel of the motorcycle with a plough machine. Either a 350cc motorcycle or an Enfield can be used for this modification. The purpose of this innovation is to ease the process of farming for small scale farmers and establish efficiency and increase productivity.

This farming motorcycle costs less than a tractor or bullock, and it ploughs one acre of land in just an hour with 0.5-litre diesel which makes it the perfect tool for a farmer. It can be used for ploughing, weeding, sowing seeds and spraying. A farmer can use this device for transportation, farming, operation and as a regular motorcycle. The farming motorcycle runs at 45 km/hour.

Mansukhbhai keeps upgrading his invention to suit customer needs. It is sold in India as well as exported to Kenya. This farming machine has an India as well as USA patent. He has received immense support from the National Innovation Foundation. He sees problems as an opportunity to create. Though he does not have a formal education, nothing can hold him back from achieving his dreams.

Mansukhbhai is a great inspiration to anyone who has a dream. You define what you are and what you want to be. Let no one dictate that you are not enough or don?t have the required funds or the right qualification.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Set Out To Achieve Your Dreams:

  1. Find something that you believe in even if you feel lost and are enveloped by the uncertainty that?s ok.
  2. Don?t let any fears keep you from going after what you want.
  3. Take steps to materialize your goals.
  4. Join communities and meet people who share the same vision as you.
  5. Learn from your mistakes, and don?t let excuses get the best of you.


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