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Hydraulic Replacing Machines: Shift Trees To Stop Deforestation?Check It Out!

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Nowadays deforestation has become the most important issue not only for India but also for the whole world. Trees are being cut down carelessly for wood, to make space for industries, etc. This destruction of nature is ultimately going to harm human existence in the near future.

A recent example can be given as more than 2,700 trees in the Aarey forest in Mumbai are ordered to cut down to make way for the metro. The Amazon forest was burning for 10 days depleting the most untouched natural resources, flora and fauna!

If Man doesn't want to slow down on industrialization and stop deforestation, we can think of a solution to remove trees without destroying them and merely rehabilitating trees.

The solution is the ?Hydraulic Replanting Machine?, which removes the tree from its place along with its roots. And transports it to another location for replanting. Which helps to reduce the cut down of the tree. And it also assures that the trees are being placed at a location which can be beneficial for them. This way we can make space for urbanization as well as can save trees.


The tree evacuation team should dig the tree circumference to its maximum depth. and make a desirable excavation at the place where plantation needs to be done for tree rehabilitation. The Hydraulic Replanting Machine then uses a hydraulic lift to pick up a tree from its place. it transfers the tree to a place where it needs to be planted. This lift then places the tree in the new place. The team can then ensure soiling to the new ground of the tree.


  • Using this machine can reduce the cut down of trees.
  • This machine helps retain the environment without slowing down urbanization
  • Replanter saves the tree from getting cut and its various parts being wasted
  • Homes of animals and wild lives are secure


  • Natural root growth is not possible in a new landscape.
  • if the tree is not fit properly, it can be uprooted easily causing accidents
  • If the tree is not able to adapt to the climate or soil, it can wither and die
  • if the tree is not incubated sufficiently well, it may get damaged

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Gujarat Forest Department?s Initiative of tree transplantation

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