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Interesting! Pollution can be now checked from anywhere with ?Portable PUC Devices.?

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What is PUC?

In order to be able to drive your vehicle, a valid driving license, valid insurance cover and a PUC Certificate are the mandatory documents. Most drivers are aware of driving license and insurance cover but do not give much importance to PUC Certificate.

It is important to remember that as per the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989, it is mandatory to get a PUC Certification for your vehicle.

PUC is nothing but a ?Pollution Under Control? certificate. PUC testing is carried out at most of the petrol pumps that have been authorized to conduct these tests. But the independent testing centers in vans along the highway are the ones that carry the portable PUC device that tests pollution for cars on the go.

What is the process of testing pollution in vehicles?

Globally, Vehicle emissions test happens in 4 ways:

1. Gas Cap Pressure Check:

This tests to see if vehicles that run on gas effectively keep fuel vapors from escaping.

2. The Second Generation On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) Test:

This test happens with hi-tech vehicles that record the data of emissions from the vehicle in their smart chip. In this test, data is downloaded from the vehicle's on-board computer to check for emissions equipment malfunctions.

3. The Inspection and Maintenance (I/M 93) Test:

This is a lab test run on vehicles where an inspector drives the vehicle on a treadmill device called a dynamometer that simulates driving on a road. While driving, the vehicle's tailpipe emissions are captured and analyzed at several speeds to evaluate the average effectiveness of the vehicle's emissions control.

4. The Single Idle Speed (BAR 90) Test:

A BAR 90 test is where a metal probe is inserted into the vehicle's tailpipe. The driver hits the gas pedal and the exhaust air is measured with the help of evaluators. At the same time, a sensor is placed on the hood of the vehicle to measure the speed of the engine.

What are the features of an ideal portable PUC device?

? It should be a high-quality SMPS operated device between 90volts to 270volts

? It should be able to function at very low electric consumption or UPS also so that it can be used at places with little or no power supply

? It should consist of heat resistant silicon tubes in order to sustain heat from exhaust device

? Dust filter should be minimum 7 Microns

? It should consist of a water separator mechanism

? Micro ? Processor must have a 32bit configuration

? It should be electromagnetic field resistant

? It should have an atmospheric pressure sensor

? The device should be resistant to voltage drops, spikes, and bursts

? It must have a display with adequate indicators

? It should also have 2way RS-232 serial port for ease of data transfer

Indian Manufacturers:

Samvit Garage Equipments Noida, manufacture the portable PUC device The PUC device manufactured by Samvit has a device that is widely used as a PUC reader. It consists of:

? Cather to measure emissions

? Reader unit

? Sensors

With the ideal configuration and features mentioned above.

Research Institutes studying this technology:

Sustainable Energy Foundation

Strengthening the Institutional Framework for Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) Programme for In-Use Vehicles


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