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Magnetic Mechanism: Bringing Down Road Accidents? Find Out!

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The aim of the project is to prevent car accidents from happening through the forces of magnetic detraction of like poles. How does this work? There are solar panels being placed on all sides of the roads with like magnetic poles. When vehicles come close to each other or might lead to an accident, the magnets create fiction and repel from the vehicles to touch each other. Similarly, the vehicles cannot barge into dead ends or the side roads because of the miraculous magnetic devices. This immensely helps in decreasing the rate of road related cases or even drink and drive incidents. It is a great measure of road safety.


Road safety officers encourage the public to become safer road users through education, training and publicity campaigns. This involves things, such as visiting schools, giving talks to local community groups and arranging exhibitions. Work Activities As a Road Safety Officer, you will try to reduce the number of accidents on the road through education, training and publicity. Your target is all road users, regardless of age. You will look into the reasons for accidents, to try to stop them from happening so much in the future. Ways of reducing accidents include: developing road safety educational programmes in schools giving presentations to community groups staging exhibitions and publicity campaigns running or supporting pedestrian training, cycling proficiency and better driving courses In your work, you will work with a wide range of people and groups. These include: the police road safety groups schools and playgroups community and voluntary groups Some Road Safety Officers are responsible for all activities in a particular region. Others may be responsible for a specialist aspect of road safety such as publicity, or visiting secondary schools. In both cases, your visits to schools, day centres, county shows and other places involve some local travel. Being able to read, write and speak Welsh may be an advantage when you?re looking for work in Wales.

Personal Qualities and Skills To become a Road Safety Officer, you'll need:

to be a good communicator able to adapt to speaking in front of different groups good organisational skills, as your workload can be varied IT skills knowledge of the law and how it relates to road safety some teaching and marketing skills patience the ability to come up with interesting ways of getting the safety message across


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