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Med Robot: A mini-robot that remembers your time and dosage of medicine?Check It Out!

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A Med Robot is a device that has an RFID tag that can read the user's card and provide him the right medicine dose at the right time on at their hospital bed. This robot follows a particular path with the help of a line sensor, its movement is battery operated. It has an RFID receiver tag and it is programmed with an IOT application.

This robot has a rocker-bogie suspension that is used in space rovers that makes it possible to climb stairs.

Mechanism of the Med Robot:

  • The Body: PVC pipes, metal connecting bars, wheels with grip tires and a motor twelve-volt DC motor
  • Controller Unit: Motor control is done simply with a module that combines the 2.4 GHz receiver with motor controllers
  • Sensors: There are optical sensors that sense a movement, and the robot stops to avoid a crash
  • RFID receiver: RFID receiver helps to receive an RFID registered information on the user?s chip it passes this information to an IoT application that triggers the message of what quantity of medicine should be given to the patient at the right time.
  • Suspension: This device has a rocker-bogie suspension that is used in space rovers that makes a stair-climbing movement possible
  • Speed: This device gives up to 8km/hr on flat surfaces and stair climbing speed of 4.3kn/hr.
  • Other devices: The chassis can withhold AV camera, terrain sensors, image sensors, infrared sensors, or chemical detectors.

Application of this Robot:

  • This robot moves along a designated path on a line tracker along the patient beds in the hospital
  • The robot delivers the medicine on a fixed programmed time each day
  • The patient has to insert an RFID card in the slot and the robot delivers the right dose of prescribed medicine.

Benefits of this Robot:

  • It is lightweight and has a smart design for optimum intelligent functions
  • It has a remote controlling mechanism
  • This can survive for longer hours with its wider battery, there is also scope for using solar panels due to the space optimization on its body

A Career In Robotics:

Robotics involves the design, functional use and maintenance of robots, it is a branch that deals with the construction of technology that eases complex tasks for humans.

If you have a passion for breaking down things and creating something new, this is the right field for you.

You Can Opt For A Career In:

Robotics Programmers.

Robotics Technicians.

Robot Design Engineer.

Robotics Test Engineers.


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