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New Technology: Alarming State of Plastic Use? Potato Plastic Is the Way to Go.

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The current state of plastic usage in India is at an alarming stage. India generates around 60million tons of garbage in a single day. And almost 45million a ton of this garbage is dumped untreated in the landfills, that is 75% of the trash. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi alone generate about 10million tons of waste every day. If the numbers of garbage generation continue at this current, India will need around 1200 hectares of land to dump the country?s waste. The situation is alarming and requires everyone to start taking immediate action to deal with this problem.

Why opt for potato plastic?

Potato plastic is nothing but bioplastic. Bioplastics can be bio-based, biodegradable or in some cases both. Bioplastics are made from renewable resources and biodegradable, and they can help to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, support sustainability initiative, and allow manufacturers to diversify feedstock. Biodegradable bioplastics such as potato plastic can be just as durable as other types of plastic, as they only break down in specific conditions. Bioplastic packaging options include bags for compost, agricultural foils, horticultural products, nursery products, toys, and textiles. They are also often used for disposable cups, salad bowls, plates, and food containers, etc.

How to make potato plastic?

Potato Plastic consists of only 2 components that are potato starch and water. The technical part of this product is the production of the material. First, the exact amount of both ingredients are mixed and then heated until the fluid thickens. It is then poured into molds and exposed to heat until it is a dry compact piece. As this potato plastic is made from biodegradable materials like potato starch and water, it will decompose to nutrients for the soil in only two months when it ends up in nature.

Adopting such bioplastic instead of actual plastic will be one step towards the war with the plastic that we all are facing on both the global levels as well as the national level. These initiatives will surely help but looking at the current situation, and one has to incorporate new technology for larger-scale management from commercial use to personal uses. Accepting such technology can put a stop to harming the environment and then restoring the environmental balance.


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