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Safeguard your trees by making your own tree guards! Check Out How!

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A Tree guard is a type of plastic shelter used to nurture trees in the early stages of their growth

Why Use A Tree Guard?

A tree?s trunk, much like its root system, is an essential part of its vitality. A healthy tree can attribute its vigor to the vascular system that exists within its trunk. Similarly, when a tree?s vascular system is damaged or disrupted, its health will decline.

This is why it is so important to ensure that a tree?s trunk is protected, especially during its first few years in the ground. Fortunately, protecting your tree?s trunk is a convenient and easy process when you use tree-care accessories like Tree Guards.

When to Use Tree Guards:

The best time to apply tree guards is as soon as you plant your tree. This helps ensure that its protection starts from the moment it is planted in its new home; however, if you have already planted your trees, but haven?t protected their tender young trunks, you can apply tree guards at any time of the year ? ideally before the injury occurs.

Benefits of Using Tree Guards

To overcome Common Causes of Injury to a Tree?s Trunk

? Rabbits and rodents (like mice)

? Winter sun (sunscald, trunk splitting, etc.)

You can now make your own tree guard using plastic milk containers too

Protect your trees and have a healthy living.


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