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Smart Sleeping Bed : This New Technology Brings Change In Your Sleeping Habits. Find Out!

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Science can be applied to the smallest areas of life to provide convenience and raise standards of living of all individuals from all strata of society.

Infection due to unhygienic sleeping conditions is a huge problem present especially in the poorer regions and communities of the country. Thus, this problem needs to be dealt with in a convenient and cost-effective method so as to ensure this does not occur. Thus, this particular invention seeks to do just this.

This particular invention known as the smart sleeping bed. This bed is fitted with an alarm that would go off in case of any emergencies or disturbances on the bed. This invention can be used in various cribs of children and even senior citizens in order to make sure their safety and comfort. This bed allows individuals to be signalled or made aware of any disturbances like if the bed had become wet or been dirtied in some way. This allows for the individual who hears this alarm to quickly and promptly change and or clean the sheets or the bed.

This invention would be greatly beneficial to mothers all over the country especially in poorer sections of society and communities as it drastically reduces the chance and or rate of infection amongst infants, who are especially susceptible to all sorts of infections which would lead to the higher rate of survival of infants especially in poorer communities and also ensure the comfort of these infants as it would allow the mothers to hear the alarm and clean the bed promptly.

Also, senior citizen who cannot control their own bowel movements would be greatly benefitted by this invention as it would allow for the efficient and quick cleaning of their beds thus also reducing chance of infection and also raising standard of living for both infants and these senior citizens.

As can be clearly observed there is a wide range of application for this invention in our day to day lives by which all individuals, of all levels and status of all communities can be benefitted. This invention if applied to the real world would ensure the rate of survival of infants and also the standards of hygiene of all individuals that use it.

Thus, his invention would better the lives of thousands of individual and allowing for senior individuals and infants alike to rest in comfort and health.


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