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Solar Water Cleaning Boat: Let Us Save Our Water Bodies! Find Out!

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Solar Water Cleaning Boat

Water is a finite and unprotected natural resource. The use of water affects the quality of this resource itself and the nature in a broader sense. Sea, river and lake water is valuable for the environment, and for human use such as irrigation and drinking. It is fundamental to protect and fairly use the water. India has been plagued with the problem of water pollution in the recent years. Most of our water bodies, even ones considered holy, are densely polluted. The rivers are covered by insoluble waste objects floating on the river. These floating objects block sunlight and oxygen to the life in the water, and also tend to block drainage systems and cause choking of the system. These waste objects can only be cleaned manually and becomes hazardous and risky for those involved in the cleaning. Water body cleaning also requires large amounts of energy which are generally expensive.

The solar water cleaning boat may be used to combat this problem. This boat is a machine that is powered by solar energy, and cleans all objects floating on the water bodies.

The boat is made consisting of the following parts ? conveyor, pipes, propeller, motor, solar panel, electronic circuitry. The conveyor is a belt that carries the waste from the river into a storage basket behind the belt. The base of the boat is made with pipes that are of lower density than water so as to allow the boat to float on the water body. The propeller is the device that uses rotational motion to move the boat forward. A motor is used to provide constant speed for rotation. The solar panel is the highlight of the model, as it uses a cheap, readily available infinite source of energy to keep the boat working. The solar energy captured by the solar panel is stored in the battery. Here, light energy is converted into electrical energy to keep the boat moving. The boat is remote controlled and hence can travel long distances directed by humans.

The solar water cleaning boat is therefore an effective model to help clean our water bodies without much cost and human labour. It can prove to be a helping hand in controlling the water pollution. It can greatly reduce the problems caused by floating waste. It uses non-polluting, infinite and readily available energy from the sun, hence reducing costs of fuel to run the boat.


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