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The Automatic Toilet and Floor Cleaner: Adding Convenience to Toilet Sanitation?Find Out!

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It can be unanimously agreed among all those who utilize public resources like toilets and trains that sanitary conditions of the toilets are almost deplorable. While they are often a visual and olfactory assault on any unfortunate user, they also hold several more serious implications to the health of the users. Bathrooms that are not cleaned regularly turn into a breeding ground of microbes such as E. Coli and Influenza along with several kinds of other bacteria, fungus and protozoa. This is due to the fact that these toilets are located with no sunlight and they are almost dark, damp space that has all the perfect living conditions for the most dangerous pathogens in the world. This is dangerous not only to the people who use these toilets, but also to those who clean it. In order to protect ourselves from this, an invention known as the Automatic Toilet and Floor Cleaner has been created. This contraption provides for a hands-off method to clean toilets and floors and is suitable for households too. It uses electric current to roll on its wheels and clean using the toilet brush, mop and even a nozzle that squirts soap ahead of it in a regulated fashion. It does not need to be held and only requires electric current to do its work.

This invention is fairly portable and easy to use as it does not require a lot of effort from the users end to be effective. It protects the user from the harmful germs that are found on the toilet seats and on the floor surrounding it, thus protecting them from harmful disease. It also makes the work of the cleaners a lot easier, motivating them to clean them more regularly. It works similar to a Rumba, in that it merely has to be turned on and will complete the task to fruition. It can also increase the efficiency of the cleaning done as it will be devoid of human error. It is also fairly cost effective as its parts are readily available and hence its repair and maintenance will not be a difficult task. The Automatic Toilet and Floor Cleaner may just be the future of bathroom sanitation due to its easy assembly, use and maintenance.



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