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The Hand-Held Washing Machine: An Innovative Beginning For The Future!

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Washing clothes manually is a difficult process that requires several hours and a significant amount of human labor in order to be done properly. Dhobis in rural areas of different parts of India struggle every day to wash the clothes of their clients for a minimum wage. Many of them end up suffering from chronic backaches, shoulder pains and many other health issues. Washing clothes are also not a job that can be done typically by elderly people due to the sheer labor involved in the work, hence placing a significant restriction on the ability of the individual to work.

A device that can solve this is the hand-propelled washing machine. Here, clothes are pinned to different points of the wheel, which when spun, carry the pinned clothes into the soap water and then continues with it into clean water so as to rinse it. After multiple cycles, the clothes will be clean. This invention is particularly innovative as it allows multiple clothes, as many as can fit on the wheel, to be cleaned instead of just the one in a single round. It also alternates between soap and clean water so as to rinse the shirt periodically to ensure that there was no more soap or dirt residue left on the newly cleaned clothes. Considering it can propelled with the simple movement of a lever, it also reduces the chance of the Dhobi developing any chronic illnesses or physical ailments such as back aches, shoulder aches and hip pains. It also helps in keeping ones spine straight while doing the work, thus maintaining a good posture while also keeping from any vertebral disks from slipping due to old age and cause them too much pain. It is also a very nifty and resourceful project made out of simple tools and simple materials. This means that in the event of damage of the device, it will not be difficult to find a place in order to buy the parts to fix it as it will be readily available in any convenience or hardware store. It hence also does not require a specific repairman for it, making it a cost-effective and efficient form of hand-washing clothes.


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