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Uses Of Custard Apple Seeds: Get amazed by the brilliant uses of yummy fruit?s seeds!

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Uses Of Custard Apple Seeds

Custard apple is the fruit of Annona squamosa or Annona Asiatica, which belongs to the genus Annona and family Annonaceae. Custard apple is cultivated throughout India and is commonly known as ?sitaphal? or ?sugar apple? due to the sweet taste of the fruit (tastes like custard).

Did you ever know about the benefits of custard apple seeds? Wondered what they could be? Most of us think the seeds of a fruit are useless, but they too have many amazing uses. So if you are thinking how the seeds, which you always tossed into the garbage bin, can have many uses, this article has all you covered!

Healthy Skin and Hair

Thanks to the high-levels of vitamin A, custard apple is great for healthy skin, healthy hair and better eyesight. It plays a role in moisturization and anti-aging. The creamy flesh or pulp can be used as a balm to treat boils and ulcers. The outer skin of custard apple is helpful in combating against tooth decay and gum pain

Eradicates Head Lice

Are you sick of scratching your head due to lice and nit? Has everything failed including the medicated shampoos? Try custard apple seeds. Just take some, grind into a powdered form and mix with a little water to form a paste. Apply on the head and let it rest for 10 minutes. Wash off with plain cold water. This process, if repeated twice a week for a month will give wonderful results and leave your head absolutely lice free.

Insect Repellent, pesticide and weedicide

Again, the custard apple seeds can come to your rescue. Mix some powdered seeds in water and leave it for a couple of days. Your personal homemade insect repellent is now ready. Sprinkle the mixture everywhere around the house, especially in the infested areas

The same mixture can also be used as pesticide for your home garden.

Pharmaceutical Usage

The seeds of this fruit are widely used by pharmaceutical companies due to its medically verified abortifacient properties. It is used for making medicines designed to induce abortion.

Bio- Gas Production

Countries like Germany and some other European nations use these little wonders for the commercial purpose of production of biogas. The seeds of this fruit contain trapped fatty acids rich in methyl-ester that triggers the production of the gas.


The custard apple fruit is great, but the seeds are quite toxic in nature and accidental consumption can cause abortion as they are mildly poisonous. The insecticides prepared from these seeds should be kept away from eyes as they have the potency of even blinding a person temporarily

The humble fruit has various medicinal and nutritional properties that are not well known. Everything offered by the shrub of this fruit, right from the bark to roots and seeds, has its own unique benefits to consider.


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