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Waterless urinals: Various Solutions to Sustain Economic Usage of Water! Find Out!

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An innovative solution for restroom odor control & reducing water Waterless Urinal Program is the one that provides an end-to-end solution to help you sustain economic usage of water, attain your operational efficiency, yet create a better customer experience.

What is a waterless urinal?

A urinal is used only for collecting urine. Urinals are generally for men, although models for women have also been developed. Most urinals use water for flushing, but waterless urinals are becoming increasingly popular.

How Does Waterless Urinal Work?

Waterless urinals all use basically the same science. Urine flows down the bowl of the urinal past a debris-catching strainer. The urine then passes through a sealing liquid, usually a specially designed oil based fluid or simply vegetable oil, and collects in the waste pipe below.


Waterless urinals do not require a constant source of water

Can be built and repaired with locally available materials

Low capital and operating costs

Waterless urinals produce fewer odours than urinals with water ?ush

Waterless urinals contribute to water saving at the greatest possible degree

Waterless urinals allow the pure and undiluted collection of urine for reuse, e.g. as fertilizer in urban farming

Waterless Urinals do not require water for flushing and can be promoted at homes, institutions and public places to save water, energy and to harvest urine as a resource. Reduction in infrastructure required for water supply and waste water treatment is also a spinoff arising from installing waterless urinals. The concept, founded on the principles of ecological sanitation helps in preventing environmental damage caused by conventional flush sanitation systems.


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