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Wireless Charging: New Technology To Charge Mobile Phones! Check It Out?

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WHAT IF YOU could charge your phone (or device) without having to worry about the charging cable? Well, you can. This is can be done by using the principle of ?every rotating object has the ability to generate electricity?

Smartphones require a charger to charge the battery. In this case, the charger can be plugged into any generator, from the largest to the smallest.

With the introduction of many hand held portable electronic gadgets, energy harvesting has become one of the fascinating subjects of interest to provide portable electrical power.

The charger can then charge the smartphone's battery. The power that runs the charger comes from the generator.

What is an electrical generator and how does it work?

As you know energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be converted from one form to another.

Motion suggests work being done and hence presence of energy when you can direct the energy in such a way that it can cause motion of charge, electrical energy is generated.

This is done mostly by using generators.

An electrical generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electricity. It works on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, discovered by Michael Faraday nearly 200 years ago. When an electrical current runs through a wire, a magnetic field is created around it.

A generator consists of a stationary magnetic field (stator) in which a rotating electromagnet (armature) spins to produce electrical current.

Charging phones using electric generator

An electric generator can turn motion into electric energy. A generator contains coils of wire and magnets. When the shaft turns, it moves the magnets. The moving magnetic field induces a voltage in the wires and that is electric energy

This electric energy can be used to charge mobile phones

Latest techniques for phone charging

When a person walks, pressure is exerted on the ground and this pressure can be converted into electrical energy and it can be used to power electronic devices. In this paper a Mobile charging system is designed. A piezo electric generator is placed in the shoe. The power that is generated by piezo electric generator when a person walks is transferred to the device by using a mid-range wireless power transfer (WPT) which is a Resonance coupling techniques. All the above techniques help to charge the mobile phones and other electrical devices without using wires.

Also, it beats the inconvenience of carrying chargers and is free of cost and renewable.


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