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Bahubali Bridge: Traffic Reducing Bridge that can save lives

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Hello world

Due to global warming, there is a rise in the temperature and the global sea level. The rise in the sea level is due to:

(1) Thermal expansion of sea water due to the rising temperature.

(2) Changes in the amount of water stored on land.

This rise in the sea level affects rivers and has led to huge bridge collapses, and the consequence is loss of lives, and traffic jams as vehicles are stranded on both sides of the bridge.

In this Bahubali Bridge model, the students have made a bridge which can sense the increase in the water levels. The height of the bridge can be increased or decreased using electro hydraulic pressure. Henceforth, if the bridges are built along this concept, it will tackle the problem of a bridge collapse. Ships can also move easily if this project is initiated. This
will lead to less traffic and easy passage of vehicles.


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