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Effects Of Lights From Various Wavelengths On Growth Of Plants

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Buying fruits and vegetables at markets is getting more expensive with each passing day. Besides, the plants for these grow under specific conditions where they are exposed to various pesticides and chemical fertilizers which if consumed by a human, can lead to deadly diseases.

Hence, in this project, these students have come up with a way to grow plants in one's own household to ensure their well-being. They have done this experiment by exposing plants to different lights. Plants react and grow differently in different coloured light backgrounds because different pigments in chloroplasts absorb different wavelengths for use in photosynthesis.

Science-based learning needs to have more practical approaches. Just Learning does exactly this by providing a better, resourceful safe space for student innovations to grow in. If you also believe that the children of today are creating a path for a glorious future and want to spread their innovative ideas, then please share this video. Young students can share such innovative projects of their own and make the country proud!


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