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These girls will tell you why population and railways bridges are a deadly combination!

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Transport is an integral part of our daily life! Due to the increasing population in cities, there are several bridge collapses happening all over India. Recently Elphinstone bridge, Mumbai where 20 people died and many more got injured. To solve the upcoming concern in India, Ashwini as a responsible citizen has come up with a unique model that can solve several problems with a simple yet budget-friendly model.

In today?s growing population transportation is a matter of major concern in cities.

To meet this increasing need for proper transportation facility, the government has to work in this area. In Mumbai, most people travel by local train, but due to rush, we have seen some major incident like Collapse of Elphinstone Bridge where 20 people died and many more got injured.

To reduce such incidents Ashwini Tare from Vaibhav Vidyalaya has come with an idea of ?Advance Railway Bridge.? As shown in the video when the number of people on the bridge tremendously increases.

And there are chances of an accident, then the bridge can be extended automatically by the railway people so that people on the bridge can easily escape from the bridge and save their lives.


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