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Insect Trap: A Revolutionary Approach To Insect Killing

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Farmers across Maharashtra have been suffering from various issues like
debt, low produce prices, poor irrigation, increased cost of cultivation, and excess use of chemical fertilizers. Apart from these problems, crop failure is one of the main reasons for farmer suicides. This damage takes place as insects continuously destroy the crops.

All the insects are attracted to various visible light spectra. One of the most popular theories states that positively phototactic insects move towards lights because they act like a guide. A student has constructed this model that will help the farmers keep their farms safe from insects. This project will also help the farmers from financial losses which they have been incurring over the years.

This insect trap project given by students can be extremely beneficial and here?s why:

? Insect traps can be placed in any area of the farms. They can be kept for a long period of time before insect specimens are retrieved for scientific purposes.
? Insect traps are used with home-made bait.
? They can be used in all seasons and all year around, depending on the presence of the insect to
be caught.
? They are re-usable.


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