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Talent Thursday : Learn A Language

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Learn A Language

The thought of learning a new language is exciting. There are plenty of apps in the market that promise to help you learn a new language in no time. Yet when you do start,  you realize it isn?t as simple as they promised it would be. Just because you could download the app in minutes, doesn?t mean you will learn a new language that quickly. The interplay of other skills, along with the right motivation, will help you to learn a new language.


5 Tips To Help You Learn A New Language


1. What is your motive to learn a new language?

The awareness and understanding of the motivation behind learning a new language is the fuel that will help you stay focused. The initial buzz of learning a new language fizzles out, and the clarity behind learning a new language will keep you going.

2. Pick the language you want to learn and make it fun

The element of fun will keep you engaged for long. If you are struggling to find time to learn it, chances are you?ve lost interest. Explore the apps, online platforms and tutors, and choose the option or customize a learning plan that suits you. Bite-sized learning will help you understand the content quickly, and you will not be overwhelmed by the new language. Make a list of things you speak and do in a day. Now translate it into the language you want to learn. So the next time you want to assemble a sandwich, tell yourself you need slice bread, tomatoes, onions and potatoes in the new language. This will be a revision and will help you to remember the language better.

3. It?s all in the habit

Repetition plays a vital role while learning a new language. If you want to develop a habit, you need to practice it for 21 days. The act of setting aside time daily for 21 days will make it a part of your daily life.

4. Join a community

Why? Because you will find a space to apply what you learn. Since you want to learn a language, isn?t speaking the language part of the process? You can join an online community and subscribe to newsletters to know about upcoming events. You?ll meet people who share your common interests, and it will make socializing fun and easy.

5. Get ready to be silly

Remember the first time you got on a bicycle? Can you count the number of falls and scratches you endured? When you start speaking with people who are fluent in the language, get ready to make mistakes. You may ask them what their weight is instead of asking them how they are doing. You will bring smiles to faces while trying to communicate, but the people will appreciate your efforts.


So which language are you going to learn? 



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