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Tech Tuesday : Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

Among various technologies today, Internet of Things popularly known as IoT has been the buzz word. Many industries and households are opting for this technology as it helps them to control, maintain and make changes at the tip of their fingers. Sensors, software and technologies are embedded in objects to enable easy exchange of information using the internet. An extension of IoT, when used in industries, is also called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


How does IoT help industries?


  • 1. Manufacturing Industry: The manufacturing industry has significantly benefitted with this technology. The assembly line has been programmed to work in sync. The inventory is monitored and controlled easily. The data and insights captured act as useful feedback to implement ?kaizen? the Japanese way of continuous improvement. Factories are now known as ?smart factories.? The operation and supply chain management work seamlessly, and the need for documentation is reduced along with room for error and mismanagement.

  • 2. E-Commerce Industry: In this industry, it is essential to strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the supplier. With better tracking benefits, quick and efficient delivery is possible.  IoT provides new earning options by facilitating analysis for maintenance, monitoring and improvement of performance. IoT can utilize buyer?s data for gaining insights into consumer behaviour.

  • 3. Agriculture: IoT helps farmers to reduce waste while increasing productivity. Drones are used to spray fertilizers, for irrigation and monitoring of crops. Besides this, animals are monitored, and data is collected to identify any concerns and ensure their well being. The adoption of low-cost satellites and high-speed internet is instrumental in farming. The sensors, automated technology, vehicles and other adopted tools enhance the process and assist in predictive analysis.

  • 4. Energy Industry: The preventive maintenance approach of this industry avoids any pitfalls. This improves reliability by optimizing the utilization of the equipment. Since people and businesses can install their solar panels, the energy companies need to manage distributed generators. The decisions of voltage management, network configuration and load switching can be handled on a real-time basis.

Inviting IoT in homes 

IoT will convert homes into smart homes where all the appliances will be connected to a central system and are operated using the internet.

Advantages Of IoT In Homes

  1. All the control of the household appliances will be in one place.
  2. It easily integrates new technology.
  3. Energy can be efficiently managed in your homes when not in use.
  4. Smart appliance function better to assist with performing tasks such as baking a cake just right.
  5. The home will be a safe and secure space, especially in the absence of adults.


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