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Unconventional Careers: Social Media Influencer

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This unconventional career has triggered the interest of many youngsters. Do you carry a coffee mug in one hand and a phone in another? If you love to handle Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at your fingertips, then this career option will pique your interest.

When you talk about pursuing a career as a Social Media Influencer, you are bound to raise eyebrows. You may face questions like, ?Isn?t this your hobby?? or ?How can you make money through this career path?? or you may hear opinions such as, ?Grow up and get a real job!?

Social media influencers, well known as influencers, are marketers on social media platforms. An influencer needs a large number of followers. With a prominent presence, an influencer can team up with brands to promote products. Many consumers who?ve purchased new products have taken this step after their favourite influencers vouched for it.

Here?s how you can become the next influencer!

Step 1: Find a niche

There are plenty of options for you to choose from: fashion & beauty, travel, food & beverage, auto services, real estate, technology and toys. You can select from these major industries. This will help you narrow in your field. You?ll need to research and study this industry, your competitors, the brands, the brands? history, and all the information you can get your hands on.

Step 2: Study your consumer

The consumer needs change with season, demographics, lifestyle and so on. The one size fits all approach will not work here. You?ll need to get to know the behaviour and attitudes of your consumer. Do your consumers prefer using the phone or laptop? This question will answer the ?how to display content??

Step 3: Know how to use technology and tools

Besides using social media platforms, as an influencer, you?ll need to understand how to use multiple platforms and tools that will up the social media game:

1. A Social Media Management Platform will help influencers to manage social media posts across multiple accounts. These posts can be pre-scheduled, and it even allows influencers to reply to customer queries quickly.

2. Email Marketing Service can help you build a customer base, and you?ll have their contact details as well. This will help you track the emails that are opened and the links that your customers clink on. Your email layout and design should be aligned to your branding so that customers can identify it quickly.

3. You need to know how to use Post Creation & Design Tools. Since your post speaks to your audience. Aesthetics play an important role. This even applies to your website. For instance, if you are promoting woollen wear, your picture should support your promotion. Would you wear woollen clothes on a hot summer day? These details play a crucial role in maintaining the credibility of your brand.

4. Do you have a Google Ads Account? To increase visibility on various platforms, you must know keywords. You can build content around the trending keywords to attract new followers.

5. Can you Work A Camera well? You need to click a clear picture and shoot videos that will keep the audience engaged. Using a camera with the right lens is crucial. Once you?ve got that picture you need, the next step is to edit it like a pro. Use software that is economical and user-friendly to get the best outcome.

Step 4: Write eye-catching content

It seems like a given, but what if you misuse punctuations or use words that sound too weighty for your audience. For example, you want to impress your grandparent with your baking skills, and you?ve used this easy to bake premix. Below a beautiful post, you write ?Let?s eat grandma? instead of ?Let?s eat, grandma?? Can you imagine the horror? If you are still learning how to use your punctuations and may need some help, online tools can come to your rescue like Grammarly. Besides this, an engaging brand name and bio is a go-to place for your consumers.

If you dream of being the next influencer, do not let others? opinions waver your determination. These tips will help you prepare to launch a successful career. It?s your life, and only you can choose to make decisions. Seek guidance to gain clarity. Speak to people who are in the field you want to pursue. Information is freely and readily available online. It?s up to you. Best of luck!


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