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14 Helpful Hacks To Learn And Remember Lessons

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14 Helpful Hacks To Learn And Remember Lessons

JL Tip | Memory is a muscle and you need to get it in shape as well. For this, all you need is learn some tricks to remember quicker and more easily?

Student life is perhaps the revolutionary phase of an individual, as it helps shape up their personality. Right from making some new friends every year to learning new things every single day, school life is always a joyous life. To make it more joyful, students also need to cope with exam pressures and make life easy going. Applying certain tricks can surely help the students make their study time more productive.

Here are a few learning strategies for students that can be applied during their study time to learn effortlessly and remember easily.

1. Teach Others:

Once you study a lesson, try to teach the same to someone else. By doing this, you will register those lessons into your memory. Even if you don?t find anyone to teach, you can always assume to teach someone either by looking at the pillow or by looking at the mirror.

2. Read Out Loud:

Reading the lessons aloud offers a far better chance of feeding the lessons into your memory. By reading it aloud, you also get a chance to listen to it giving you a double learning effect.

3. Avoid Long Sessions:

It is a tendency to not be able to focus on a subject for a long time. Hence, replacing those long study sessions with frequent short study sessions will help you make the most out of the attention span. This practice works out well if you are trying to master a new subject.

4. Take Little Naps:

When you feel tired or sleepy while studying, it is better not to push yourself too hard and get distressed. At such a time, it is advisable to have a short nap of say 20 minutes or so, before you start studying again. These short naps will help you get refreshed and allow you to approach your study with a refreshing mindset. This will not only make your study time more productive but will also help you to grasp better.

5. Practice Meditation:

Your intensity of concentration helps a lot when it comes to grasping things better and remembering for longer. If you are not able to keep your concentration for long on study sessions, then try out meditation or yoga that improves concentration levels and changes your mood and presence of mind. This will keep you away from all distractions and you will get fully immersed in the things you do.

6. Make Mind Maps:

This is one of the most creative ways of making an overview of what you learn in a particular subject. You just need to make the main map first, and the sub-maps should be linked to it. During exam times, you just need to visualize the mind map to memorize the whole chapter.

7. Listen To Music:

Music works like magic in transforming your mood from zero to a hundred within minutes. Just run some soothing music in the background whenever you study the harder lessons. Music therapy is a proven option that works wonders in making your study time more productive. All you need is to select the right music that helps you focus on lessons and not distract you.

8. Be Realistic:

Setting some unrealistic goals and then failing to achieve them can stress you out and your confidence will go for a toss. Instead, just opt for small and realistic goals that can be easily achieved with fewer efforts. You can gradually increase those target levels which will eventually boost your confidence level. Make sure you avoid multitasking and investBe your considerable amount of time in just learning.

9. Take Story Approach:

Whenever you find it very difficult to first study a lesson, and then to remember it, just try out a story approach. You can create your version of the story from those tough lessons, and then make some of the keywords in the lesson as the characters of your story. All that you need is just to remember your favourite story to answer that particular chapter.

10. Allow Revision Gap:

Once a lesson is studied by you, wait for a few days before you revise it. Your mind will respond way better when you give mental space to it, rather than just dragging it by the repetition of the same lessons in frequent successions. Going by the experts, a human mind pays less attention if the same things are repeated in short successions, whereas, it gives more importance if those things are repeated after some considerable spacing.

11. Group Study Approach:

There is no doubt whatsoever that self-learning is the best form of any learning. However, to come out of the monotonous, you can try for group study approaches, especially just before your exams. You can also make learning more fun by creating some interactive games based on your lessons. Teaching others and learning from others can get the best out of your study time.

12. Hand-written Notes:

In this digital world, the new-gen students prefer digital tools for making their notes and thereby saving time. However, even at this age, making those notes by your hand is still the best way to be closer to the lessons. With this practice, you will again get a chance to link the lessons to your memory while taking the notes by hand. Here our mind is involved in the activity, whereas taking notes through the digital tools will lead to mindless transcription.

13. Take Walk Before Exams:

Exercise has a strong and direct connection in improving your memory power. Hence, according to experts, going for a light walk just before your exam will help you to memorize the lessons you have studied. If you make exercise a daily routine of your life, it will have a positive effect on your studies as well.

14. Sleep Well:

Giving rest to your body and mind helps you relax properly. Having a good sleep will help you focus more during the study time, and also help you grasp the lessons better. It is highly advisable to not over-stress yourself and thereby compromising your sleep. Always remember that the best medicine for a student is to have at least 7-8 hours of good sleep every night.

Although these are not the only ones, as there are many more tested and proven learning strategies that would help students make learning easy. As every individual is different from each other, their approach to learning is also different, and hence every technique may not help every student, but many of them will.

Why not try out these techniques for a few days and then choose the most feasible ones that work for you. Besides, you should also be optimistic about your inner caliber and be confident while taking new subjects.

It is recommended that you do not complicate things by stressing yourself, rather you just laugh out loud and celebrate your failures. Keep adding good friends in your life, try out some new hobbies, and most importantly, give absolutely no chance for loneliness in your life.


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