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Student Council : Purpose, Goals, Objectives, Ideas & Structure

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Student Council Purpose, Goals, Objectives, Ideas & Structure

Do you know what the Student Council is and how you can set-up one?

Let?s get started!!!!

The Student Council is nothing but an agency run by students and controlled by adults.

The role of the student council is focused on regulatory procedures. Concepts are introduced, decided on and approved by the representative of the student body. Any individual interested in leadership, interpersonal skills, event management or wishes to be more active in school is welcome to join.

what is the purpose of Student Council?

The purpose of the Student Council is to provide opportunities for students to build leadership by planning and carrying out school events and service projects. In addition to the organization of activities that relate to the school spirit and collective well-being, the student council is the representative of the student body. They support students to share their thoughts, desires and issues with the whole school group.

Setting up Student council: Ideas and Structure

? Determining to establish a Council of Students/ Organization / Union

If a group of students want to form a Council in their conservatory, they may contact the Principal or teachers to submit a copy of the guidelines for the formation of the Student Council.

? Membership of the Student Council

The structure of the Student Council and the processes for appointing members may usually depend on the size of the institution. It is strongly recommended that any council maintains a fair and sufficient gender representation.

? Elections

Votes are required to determine who should be the representative of the student body. Those chosen are sometimes referred to as the Student Executive Committee. Elections will be conducted such that the executive may fairly claim to serve the student body. The administration is responsible for maintaining open, equal and campus wide elections.
Students must consider the voting process to be utilized and it is advisable to discuss any particular problems with the management prior to the elections. Schools must select the approach which best fits their circumstances.

Specifics on how to operate the elections will include:

? Opportunity for all students to join, even part-time students? participation is permitted.

? List candidates who wish to represent students.

? If there is more than one candidate, a question answer session with students and representatives can be held.

? Chance to vote once a week and safe voting to guarantee fair elections.

? Ensure that at least 25% of the student body votes.

? Workers and administrators shall not be permitted to participate.

? The Student Council's First Meeting

The Student Council's first meeting will usually be held immediately after the results by the school administration. The school administration should help the Council identify an acceptable location for the conference. The Principal or one of the teachers working on behalf of the Principal may discuss the Council's first meeting and that would be included in the forum of the Council.

? Planning and management of the research

Although the leaders of the Student Council do have a role to play in the Council's operations, not everyone will be active in the organisation of the study. The Council will nominate officials for this purpose. It can agree to set up subcommittees, too.

Goals and objectives Student Council?

The basic goals that the student council aim for are:

? Encourage Democracy 

? Encourage Education

? Encourage Leadership

? Encourage International Affairs

? Encourage Traditional Principles


? To instigate, enforce, and obtain projects and activities that will help the school, the students, the teaching staff, the administration, the board of directors and the society.

? Promote the personal development of representatives through engagement in the district, state, and national gatherings and institutions.

? Make a significant contribution to the learning experience of learners by giving them meaningful involvement in the school, broader areas of interest, and more active involvement in the organization and implementation of activities.

? Promote awareness of human relations, of the power structure and of how to operate effectively within them. These goals are effectively achieved across growing channels of collaboration between management, staff, and students.

? Enhancing comprehension between and within groups through engagement and communication

? Grow the ability of students and empower them to become well-informed, truthful, engaged and involved people.

? Increase participant engagement and interest in education.

? Establish and create resources for leadership and participation in state and national schools.

? To have a living classroom on democratic procedures, through such events as voting, membership in a legislative elected body, etc.

? Promoting the school and community's concern for law and order and the public wellbeing.

? Offering a feasible means of communication for students and a growing amount of self-direction.

? Build not just


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