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Chile Astronomers Discover Star Dancing According To Einstein's Century - Old Theory

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The Universe is not made of atoms; it is made of tiny stories. One such story is ?Chilean astronauts finding the star dancing according to Einstein's centuries-old theory.?

Astronomers in Chile detected a star revolving around a black hole in the Milky Way using the biggest telescope in the world, as Albert Einstein might have predicted more than a century ago.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO), a consortium of European astronomers working in Chile, has reported its observations, showing that Einstein 's theorem still refers to a star about 26,000 light-years from the Sun.

Almost 30 years of observations enabled us to track the star as it followed a rosette-shaped path around the "supermassive" black hole in the Milky Way. Observation showed that Einstein, and not his mentor, Isaac Newton, was correct. Newton figured it would fly in an ellipse-like shape.

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, introduced in 1915, encompasses most of what we think regarding scientific science, which has since enabled physicists to grasp the power of gravity.

As stated earlier, utilizing one of the largest telescopes in the world, the ESO was able to chart the motion of the stars from a vantage point to a mountain almost 2700 meters above sea level in Chile's massive and largely inhabited Atacama Desert.

Low humidity and steady ventilation in the area generate unprecedented exposure for the high-tech telescopes used by scientists to shed light on the origin of the cosmos and the existence of alien life.

This long-awaited finding has been best achieved by progressively accurate measurements over almost 30 years that have helped scientists to unlock the secrets of the powerhouse hidden in the centre of our galaxy.

One of their claims stated that the finding had offered more proof of the presence of a black hole named Sagittarius A, which is estimated to be 4 million times the mass of the Earth.


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