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Top 5 Tips To Help You Beat Laziness

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Do you find yourself lying around constantly? Have you lost interest in engaging in activities? Are you unwilling to perform tasks?

If you?ve raised your hand to the above questions, chances are you have either overworked yourself, you are lazy or possibly there is another reason that required medical attention.

While lying around on a Sunday afternoon is fine or resting after you?ve spent your energy towards an activity is required. Excessive laziness by itself can hinder a person?s growth.

Firstly, let?s understand what laziness is.

While humans are generally lazy, some are more than the others. We?ve got everything at the tip of our fingers to do everything for us, right from washing clothes to banking to ordering food. We can do all of this with the press of a button.

If you want to beat laziness and live a more energized life, the following tips will help you:

  1. What is the cause of the laziness?

If you have been overstretching yourself without taking a break, you possibly have worked yourself to exhaustion. Finding the reason behind the inaction or laziness is the first step.

  • Manage your day.

This sounds simple, doesn?t it? Imagine you wake up in the morning to study, go to school, play during recess and play after school, come home and study some more, then go out to play in the evening and after dinner, you are playing video games and so on. Doesn?t this just sound exhausting?

Are you doing what you do because you have to or you want to? Unconsciously engaging in activity after activity simply puts you in a rut. A solution to this would be to plan your day or week. Adults seem to plan their days and weeks but it doesn?t mean a student shouldn?t. Imagine you could balance school, study, hobby and play while you got adequate rest. Doesn?t that sound great?

Make a schedule for yourself and leave room for flexibility. The point of a schedule is to organise your life and not to enable rigidity.

  • Break up large tasks

Think of it in this manner, you see a huge mountain in front of you and the thought of trekking for hours on end is exhausting enough. Now, what if there are stops while climbing to the top, a stop to rest, another to enjoy tea, and yet another to gasp at the view while trekking to the top. Who wouldn?t want to go on this trek! Similarly, if you have some huge tasks on your ?To Do? list, break it down. The achievement of fulfilling smaller tasks is rewarding and you won?t get exhausted as you take breaks between each task.

  • Fear of failure

As goal-oriented humans, we are told to do well and get it right. The pressure of which can seem daunting at times. The stress of getting a job done and accomplishing it to the best of our abilities and ensure we don?t fail can weigh heavier than one can fathom. The whole situation can seem so stressful that we would choose to avoid the task altogether. If this is the situation you face, get out of the overthinking pattern immediately. The task in front of you may be smaller and easier than you make it to be. Begin the task and complete it step by step. Remember, if you do not attempt it, you will not know. It is better to make mistakes and learn from them than to procrastinate.

  • Exercise

If you are wondering how exercise will help a person who is already lazy, the answer is here. If you are imagining people sweating it out at the gym doing strenuous exercises, that?s not the aim here. Start with going for a 30 minute brisk walk in nature about three to four times a week. After a week begin stretches or try a dance workout or even Zumba. This has a three-fold benefit. Firstly, when you work out, your body releases endorphins in the body which trigger a positive feeling. Secondly, when you pick a hobby that you enjoy, you will do it with more enthusiasm and often. Lastly, when you exercise your physical and mental health gets better. And these perks will get you to exercise more.

When you feel a period of laziness, give these strategies to overcome laziness a try. Write to Just Learning to share your experience after putting them to action.


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