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King Sidharth: Entrepreneur, Motivational, Speaker, Writer!

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Does everyone like mathematics? Not really! Several kids curse maths. A boy flunks in his 12th exam mathematics paper, goes straight away to his dad to talk about his future. Who has got the guts to do this? One needs to be extra special even to dream this off. Choosing your career is the most talked in today's world. One rarely gets to do what he wishes to ? above that, studying on your own deals. Yes! Sidharth, a teenager as once we all were. After flunking in his 12th, he spoke to his dad of him not wishing to continue his education. Later, King Sidharth saw his interest going towards learning art in Chandigarh. On a simple deal that if he does not find interest in the subject in a year, he will be returning.

Risk, passion, dedication, values, Ideas, business are the above qualities that can easily be related to our entrepreneur in the spotlight. Somewhere in between his mind and college curriculum couldn't be together for long. He dropped out of the art college after a year as he wanted to spend some more time on his start-up career. King Sidharth was seen quoting- There was nothing with the college, but in a way, it was hampering my start-up career. Although I did learn a lot from different people, but I wanted to do something of my own.

King Sidharth debuted his entrepreneurship debut at the age of 10. Organizing e vents, collecting entry fees from them, and to manage online websites. He also managed to make the online website to write an unusual book which intersects spirituality and science. From shooting a short video for his friend to making his own movie "Friendz: The Movie," which peaks into the lives of ten entrepreneurs.

Being a motivational speaker isn't easy because you need to make people believe what they don't want to think. Sidharth is not leaving any stone untouched and unturned to create awareness aiming the teenagers about entrepreneurship, blogging, and writing by organizing an event called Createens.

He is currently working on writing e-magazine, which was always his passion and his book with out of the box thinking. He has also worked in developing websites, among his many works, one is

Quoting a line from his blog:

"Entrepreneurs fail. They fail more than normal people because they try different and crazy things that have never been done before. And, in the end, there is no failure if you had fun in it and if you grew as a person."


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