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Fun & Safe Playtime During The Pandemic

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Safe Playtime During The Pandemic

As nutrient-rich food is vital for kids? growth, so is playtime important for kids to develop holistically. Children are full of energy and can get easily frustrated when they are left with bottled up energy. Playtime or play therapy is an outlet for kids to release this pent up energy. Besides this, it helps kids to develop their creativity and imagination. During playtime, kids develop their emotional, physical and mental strength. Through classroom activities, children develop skills and competencies, and when they play, a different set of skills and competencies are nurtured. Playtime has not been given enough importance. But the significance of play, especially during this pandemic needs to be highlighted.

Creative Ideas To Bring The Playtime Indoors During This Pandemic:

1. Do It Yourself (DIY):

Kids loves to create and make things. Craft is one of the kids? favourite school sessions. Tune in to the DIY section in Just Learning Website for some fun ideas. Reuse bottles, leftover materials, and anything found quickly at home. Make it a fun project so that kids will have a good time and can even harness their creativity.

Conduct this project in three steps:
I)First, let them create the project.
II) Secondly, let them decorate and paint it.
III)Thirdly, shoot a video of this project and send it to just Learning.

2. Memory Game:

This is a fantastic idea to engage children in ?make and play? games. You?ll need some a chart paper. Cut the entire chart paper into squares of the same size. Now divide the squares into pairs. Ask the children to draw the same image on two squares. For instance, the child can draw an apple on both the squares and then bananas, cars, write a word on two squares and so on. Keep creating this until all the squares are utilised. The children can paint and draw on the squares and make it as creative as possible. The only point to keep in mind is that there should be two squares with the same design or word, and they should look different from other squares. Once this is complete, the child can shuffle the squares and place them face down on the table in rows and columns. Now take turns and turn two squares to find the matching pair. This game helps in memory development.

3. Online Pictionary:

This is a fun team game. You can connect with other parents and set aside some time to connect online. You?ll need at least two teams to play this game. Children from one family can form one team. Using the Whiteboard option online, ask the children to draw a chit from a box which needs to be created before the game begins. Ask the child to explain the word using the Whiteboard option on Zoom or any other online platform. The trick is that the other team needs to guess the word through the drawing. The game can centre around any academic concepts, songs, movie titles, cartoon characters and so on.

We bet the kids are going to enjoy these games during this pandemic. And maybe you can take mini breaks from your work schedule to play along with the kids too. Be safe and keep playing!

4. Storytelling Platform:

Do not underestimate the power of storytelling. This tool grabs the attention of the audience and can help to create an immersive experience. Have you noticed your child waiting to tell you about their day? They have so many stories to share, and when they narrate their tales, you can see the world through their eyes. This talent can help to build their confidence and even help them in their career. Start a YouTube Kids channel for your child and explore the world of storytelling. Monitor the content and comments to ensure it is a safe and respectable interaction. Additionally, you can connect with the school and arrange for weekly storytelling sessions in groups. This platform is perfect for young storytellers and to encourage the development of this skill.

5. Season?s Greetings:

Christmas is just around the corner. How about you arrange for card making materials for your kids? Spread Christmas cheer by supporting children to share their messages with the family, friends, neighbours, grocery vendors and so on. This will help the child to express their feeling and connect with people in a heartfelt way. Let their creativity shine, and you?ll be surprised what kids can do when they can truly express themselves.


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