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Learning from Home Students Activities: How to Support Students In Remote Learning

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Learning from Home Students Activities

Did anyone ever imagine that the lives of each one would suddenly come to a pause?

Without a doubt, we can say that amidst COVID-19 and its consequences, each of us confronts daunting and unforeseen challenges. Never in life could one think of having temples, mosques, churches (all other religious places), schools, colleges, classes, etc would be shut. This was just impossible but now it?s actually a reality.

More than 300 million students worldwide have been impacted by the outbreak of Corona virus. Schools and colleges have not experienced this degree of obstruction for decades, but unlike every other moment in the past, we have the opportunity to resume schooling even though schools are closed.

Do you know how?

Teachers are switching to online learning as a way to get their students involved. It's a ?new medium? for education: one where technology plays a vital part. Teachers and students stay connected with the help of learning management systems, video conferencing, and other interactive instructional tools.

However, that is not enough. How can one emulate the resemblance of a school routine at home? How can you support your students in remote learning through home activities and real-life skills?

Don?t worry we got the solution for you! This is what you should do with students in the COVID-19 quarantine:

Digital museums and field trips: Yes, we know how boring History as a subject can be, but what if we tell you that there?s a way that can help you make history interesting for your child?

More than 2,500 museums across the world have made their holdings accessible digitally. Even without flying, you can still know about various countries and cultures. Begin Day One by asking your


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